Mechanical Engineer II

Company Name:
Merrill Aviation & Defense
To apply, go to http://www.merrillaviation.com/careers
About us: Located in the heart of the defense corridor, the Sterling Heights Advanced Development Center (SHADC) is where the Merrill Technologies Group development team and sales engineers work to develop business relationships and design advanced solutions. The SHADC utilizes Merrill Technologies Group resources to design, analyze, prototype, test, manufacture, and deliver state-of-the-art components to meet urgent customer and industry requirements.
Accountabilities: Responsible for adhering to project budget and working within loaded hours. Plan and carry out assignments in conformance with accepted policies and practices. Adhere to instructions, policies, precedents, and guidelines in exercising judgment to resolve commonly encountered work problems, bringing unusual findings/problems to the Engineering Managers attention
Authority: To select proper components for a given project. Oversee day-to-day mechanical workflow. Coordinate work with others, as necessary. Assign tasks to mechanical engineers and provide guidance with schedule, cost and specifications. Serve as a technical authority.
Environment: Typical office environment and minimal shop floor exposure
Physical Demands: Minimal, repetitive motion issues (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), light lifting (up to
40 lbs.)
Please make certain you meet all of qualifications listed below prior to applying for this
Duties: Duties include, but are not limited to, installation support and start up at the customers facility. Field service and debug will be required. Manufacturing/assembly support. Research, plan, and design mechanical and
products and systems. Direct and coordinate activities involved in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and
of mechanical or electromechanical products and systems. Troubleshoot mechanical designs, assemblies, and component problems and implement corrective measures. May be involved with developing changes to plans and/or methodology. Interpret policies and requirements in terms of established objectives. Provide recommendations for improvements in order to meet program objectives
Education: Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent experience in the field and knowledge of machines and automation. Must have a basic understanding of control and fluid power systems.
Skills: Ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate data and develop ideas, able to create machine concepts. Ability to perform more advanced structural, bearing type and other calculations. Working knowledge of manufacturing processes and evaluating designs to minimize set-ups. Working understanding of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Ability to reliably work with controls and define adequate purchased materials. Ability to analyze and evaluate correct mechanisms. Proficiency in company software (Encompix, Groupwise, AutoCAD, SolidWorks).
Experience:2-6 years experience in related field and working knowledge of solid modeling software.
Personal Qualities: The ability to work with well with people. Plan and carry out assignments and resolve most conflicts independently. Problem solver. Organized, good written and verbal skills, strong attention to detail and ability to prioritize and multi-task.
Experience with Servo Drive Mechanisms, Control Systems and the Design of Mechanical Systems.
Preferences: Experience working with machines, selecting components, analyzing fit form and function.

Don't Be Fooled

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